City Of Hope Ministries


City of Hope Ministries

Elder Designate Jeffery L. Norris Jr.

Founding Pastor

Our Mission for City of Hope Ministries

Our mission is to live in such a way that God’s will be done as we reach out and embrace others to experience the saving grace and power of Our Lord Jesus Christ through tearing down barriers of traditions. We are committed to serving God, impacting lives and saving souls!

Elder Designate – Evangelist Deborah Hill

Assistant Pastor

Ways To Give

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City of Hope Ministries Leadership Team

Apostolic Authority

++Joshua Paul Logan

Founding Lead Pastor Designate

Elder Designate Jeffery L. Norris Jr

Assistant Pastor Designate

Elder Designate Deborah Hill

Minister Designate

Tyler B. Griffin

Deacon Board

Chief Deacon Designate

Kevin Abrams (BA)

Executive Deacon Designate

Brian Johnson

Deacon Designate

Damon Fleming (BA)

Deacon Designate

Larry Johnson

Associate Deacon Designate

Chris Tatum

Junior Deacon Designate

Kaden Abrams

Administrative Staff

Church Administrator

Assistant Pastor Designate Deborah Hill

Assistant Administrator

Vanessa Rice (BA)

Church Attorney

Alan Pracht

Music Department

Chief Praise & Worship Directors

Courtney Wilcox

Jon Williams

Chief Musician

Kevin Abrams

Executive Musician

Brian Johnson

Assistant Musician

Chris Tatum

Honorary Music Director’s

Leroy Scooter Taylor

Kinard Cherry

Benzel Cowan

Bradie Frink, Jr.