“A Cross Denominational Kingdom Builder’s Alliance &

Leadership Empowerment Zone”

Our Mission


Promised Land Ministries:

A collaboration of ministries, organizations and business owners who have committed themselves to crossing denominational and organizational barriers to Empower the body of Christ through the development, implementation, and enhancement of holistic ministries, and the establishment of a network of Christian owned and operated non-profit as well as for-profit businesses.


The uniqueness of this amalgamation of Extra Ordinary Ministries and Leaders affords leaders the unprecedented opportunity to maintain their present organizational and denominational affiliation thus empowering themselves as well as their Pre-existing collaborative efforts.



  1. The cross denominational\organizational reunification of the infrastructure of the “Body of Christ”(The Church).
  2. To enhance collaboration between Christian Leaders on all levels: Apostles, Presiding Bishops, Bishops, Overseers, Elders, Evangelists, Missionaries, etc….
  3. Provide Ministry related Organizational structuring and strategic development support, and “peer to peer” based support systems for Kingdom Builders.
  4. Establish on going “For Profit” revenue generating entities to empower overall financial stability, opportunities for spiritual leaders to transition to “full time” ministry, and generalized financial support for active collaborating members of the alliance.
  5. Create Christian owned and operated Entrepreneurial opportunities.
  6. Establish Christian owned and operated financial institutions.
  7. Establish Christian owned and\or operated community service providers for all aspects of need with in any given community; Mortgage\Real Estate services, Food Services, Health Care, Vehicle Sales\Leasing, Assisted and semi-assisted Senior Living facilities