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Good morning great leader!

What an amazing time to be serving the Lord and his people. Have you ever taken a stick of butter from out of your refrigerator and bit into it? Have you ever taken an egg and eaten the raw yoke? Have you ever taken swan or self rising flour in your hand and eaten it? Have you ever drank Wesson oil to quench your thirst? Sounds nasty huh? Ok then, how about this; have you ever taken some sugar into your hand and eaten it? Have you drank some milk when you desired something to drink? Is that better?

Although all of these ingredients may taste nasty or delicious separately, when they are mixed together they make a great dessert. Often times as leaders we have distasteful ingredients(congregants) by themselves and very few sweet ones, yet God has empowered you and given the divine recipe to mix each of these ingredients to create an amazing dessert.

Keep mixing, keep stirring, keep baking, and when The process is complete you will bake a cake that your cities, counties, communities, country, and even its citizens will enjoy. Love you to life! Your servant,

++Leonard Gibbs Jr

Provincial Archbishop – PLM-HCOC-3
Presiding Prelate
Impact Fellowship International

Strategic Support Department

JP-LOGAN.com & Associates

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